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Performer-Plus Camshaft Kit for Big-Block Ford 429/460 V8

Edelbrock part #7167 Performer RPM Camshaft is designed for Ford 429-460 V-8 applications.

This Edelbrock cam kit produced 506 HP & 536 ft-lbs. of torque when used with #7166 intake and #60669 cylinder heads on a 460 engine.
The camshaft works well with high-performance’s street applications, Performer RPM cams provide power from 1500 to 6500 rpm.
This hydraulic lifter camshaft is dyno-matched to Performer RPM manifolds for high-rpm horsepower while still maintaining acceptable low-end torque.
With 10 to 12 inches of manifold vacuum at idle, Performer RPM cams have more lift and duration than most street camshafts.
Hydraulic flat tappet lifters are included with each Performer RPM camshaft.

Camshaft Specifications:

  • Duration @ .050 Intake: 234 degrees
  • Duration @ .050 Exhaust: 244 degrees
  • Lift @ Valve Intake: .556″ – Lift @ Valve Exhaust: .581″
  • Lobe Separation: 108 Degrees
  • Intake Centerline: 103 Degrees
  • Idle Vacuum @ 1000 RPM’s: 12″

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